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Finnally! it is here

Tetard strike force is a top down shooter game where you kill waves of aliens as a super soldier inside a mech! you ll fight off those monsters in a large arena, their numbers and types increasing after each wave! One of the main mechanics of the game is that your character can charge up his jumps to move freely around the map, you can also upgrade specific parts of the mech after each wave.

i've been working on this project over the last semester, it all started from a couple of ideas/concepts i shared with friends and i decided to make this game out of it, we are huge fans of top down shooter games like gauntlet, helldivers and alien swarm so they definetly helped for inspiration. I made this game on Unreal Engine 4 alone using only blueprints for code and no addons.

All the 3d models of the game will soon be available to download on my itch.io profile, that s right you ll be able to use the same map and characters as i did for your projects! and most of them will be free too :p 

 for the stuff i didnt make myself:

sound effects from  https://www.zapsplat.com/

some of them are just default UE4 included sounds/music

dont hesitate to check out the other stuff on my profile and follow me for more, you can also donate if you want, i try to keep most of my assets free but i d like to make a living out of 3d art/modelling. 

if you ever want my help for your projects i can do commissions for you and your group, all you have to do is contact me via discord on my profile: Niko#8318    or via email here:      guillaume.bolis.neko@gmail.com


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This looks and sounds really cool! but i'm on a mac. I understand it can take a while to build for a different platform but if your up to making an apple version,  just let me know! :D

hi thanks for the comment but i m not sure if i'll be able to  build the game for macs, so far it looks like i'll need to own a mac or to install an IOS on my laptop to build the game so it might take a while :/ 

No problem! I'm trying to learn UE4 haven't made any games in it yet. I've been using the blender game engine.