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3d assets modelled with blender and textured with 3dCoat. The screenshots and previews where made with blender cycles. in this pack you ll find the following:

-3 different sci-fi game-ready spaceships from the following classes:                          bomber, fighter and carrier

-each spaceship has it s own textures + additional albedos to change their paint color from blue to red (if you want to make them from different factions or group)

-each Zip file contains two different versions of the ships, a .blend one and a .fbx one, textures are in the .tga format. if you want me to add other versions leave a comment and i ll try to upload them as fast as possible.

initially made these spaceships for an upcoming game called Aphelios, but we decided to change styles and wont be using them. I dont want them to go to waste so i made them available here. cant wait to see what you guys are going to make with them :p

dont hesitate to check out the other stuff on my profile and follow me for more, you can also donate if you want, i try to keep most of my assets free but i d like to make a living out of 3d art/modelling. 

i m sorry for not being too active lately but some really big  projects are coming  really soon, tons of assets and a game on UE4 :p stay tuned for that

if you ever want my help for your projects i can do commissions for you and your group, all you have to do is contact me via discord on my profile: Niko#8318    or via email here: guillaume.bolis.neko@gmail.com

you can look at these assets in even more details on these sketchfab links:




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bomber.zip 18 MB
carrier.zip 12 MB
fighter.zip 16 MB


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Thank you so much for these ships :) . I am using some ships on my game Space Menace

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these remind me of Stellaris

great models bro! thank you

Thanks bro!

... these are so... amazing... thank you!

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Great models!

Best case - it have single style.

They look awesome!
Just a question how is licensing on this asset?


hi, thanks for the comment :p
 for licensing right now these assets are 100% free to use for anything you want, no need to do anything special (would be really cool if you mentioned my account somewhere on your project tho, but no one is forced to do that)

Sorry for the late response, If I use these I'll be sure to credit you! awesome work