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What is the license on this?


I don't know if it is with me only or happening with anyone else but I can't seem to find texture imported with it.

Same here

I have to say, I'm baffled by your work! It's just so charming, even if on Godot I couldn't keep the Blender Cycles lighting. It's still great, and I'm going to prototype a bit with it.

I wonder about something, but, when you wrote "free to download and use," I would like to know to which extent. Though I don't plan on commercially using it, I'm prototyping in advance for the Game Maker Toolkit jam next month, and I would like to know if it's fine to use the scene for such a context, if I credit you accordingly (on as well as in the game's files, or even in a credit menu as well).

Thanks for letting us all enjoy your artistic talent, and I wish you the best! If I'm allowed to share content of your assets, I could even share my prototyping online!

просто охуенно

that's a real eye catching asset , i admire your talent , i look forward to work with you  at some point 

nice asset man, I love it

Thanks for this awesome asset. Loved the work.

Thank you, that’s very nice !

The bar has flipped normals on its ceiling and floor and they are invisible in game engine, but besides that, this scene is awesome.


thanks for pointing it out! the normals should be fixed now. i dont think i knew what normals where back when the map was made x) it s getting a bit old.

I have downloaded the fbx but I can't seem to find the textures. All the materials with it are plain white :/ I am using Unity 2018.3.0f2 . Any solutions ? I even tried the blend file and still no textures.


yeah the map is pretty old on that side i m sorry, for the previews i just applied some basic metallic material with no texture for the walls and an emissive material for the light rays. since this map is one of the most popular things i made so far i might try and upgrade it soon with cool textures :p 

Hey i'm a student making a small game, i notice you've said people can use this for what ever. i'm planning on adding this for my alpha if you don't mind, i only need some of the buildings but ill credit you when i upload the project to itch. regardless these are some  really good assets. 

thanks! Dont worry, i dont have any issues with people using these assets for games, even if the game will be sold/make profit i wont ask for anything i ll just be really thankfull :p hope your project turns out great!

is it free for Commercial use?

yeah, you can use them for whatever you want (it would be nice tho if you mentioned my name somewhere but you re not forced to do so)