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Thanks for making these! I used one of the weapons from this pack as a cyberspace gun in my cyberpunk dungeon crawler that I made for the Dungeon Crawler games jam.

Are these available as low poly?

What is the license on these?

You can use them however you want, no restrictions. Mentioning me in your work would be nice but you're not forced to do it.

I'll put your name in the credits as an asset contributor, then.

Really? that's cool bro(No offense if you're a lady too)

can be used in 4.25?

free for commercial use ?

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Thanks for these models. I used one of your models(although i didn't actually implement it in its 3d form, i actually took a 2d pic of it and stuck it in front of the 3d camera. rofl it still looks nice. Check it out if u wanna its Bazinga Blaster on